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SENAI FabLab in the CTS Automation and Simulation

An environment designed to stimulate innovation, with digital fabrication laboratories mainly oriented toward prototyping. Creativity has just gained a new dimension at SENAI Rio.

SENAI FabLab’s pilot project has just been launched, at the Centro de Tecnologia SENAI Automação e Simulação [SENAI’s Technology Center – Automation and Simulation], with the goal of expanding to other SENAI Rio units.

At SENAI FabLab, students are stimulated to develop the entire productive process for the development of solutions for the industry – from the concept to the prototype, going through all stages until they get to the outcome (ou final) evaluation – without mentioning all the acquired knowledge for the elaboration of the projects’ technical documentation.

New Challenge

Over the years, the industry has undergone transformation. And the SENAI Rio was ready to meet every arising demand.

With the recent advances of digital fabrication, SENAI Rio forms even more qualified professionals for new challenges of the industry. For that, SENAI FabLab students have access to such software and equipment as 3D printer, laser cutting machines and Arduino kits, for the electronic circuits assembly, among others.

Metodologia SENAI Fablab


SENAI Rio is the first institution of professional education to adopt the FabLab in Brazil. This pioneerism develops skills, competences and innovative attitudes in its students. After all, innovation is essential for a more competitive industry.

Global Network

The FabLab network is an initiative that arose at MIT’s (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Center for Bits and Atoms (CBA). To join in this network is to provide the students of SENAI Rio with access to an environment with hundreds of interconnected FabLab laboratories worldwide, sharing knowledge by working in partnership and in real time.

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For more information, contact: senaifablab@firjan.org.br


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