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SENAI + Industry Challenge

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Education and Innovation do not always go together, but when this happens, the result is quite positive. Without this duo, we would not have such things as tablet, mechanical hand of industry and not a single test tube! SENAI knows that and is launching the “SENAI + Industry Challenge”, a program that encourages innovative ideas and transforms the industry. It is divided in two phases:

In this phase, entrepreneurs of industries of Rio de Janeiro State identify real problems of the industry that need to be addressed. So the current students of the technical courses of SENAI work hard to find creative and viable solutions. For this, they gather in groups to develop solutions for the industry in the form of projects. Those with innovation potential are selected for the second phase of the challenge: the pré-acelera [pre-accelerating].

In this phase, the selected projects are improved for three months so that they can enter the market. During this period, the students have the experience of SENAI to build business plans, receive market access information and use SENAI's infrastructure to turn the projects into innovative solutions.
With the SENAI + Industry Challenge, SENAI will train professionals even more qualified and offer real solutions for the industry. Innovative ideas, real solutions.

Watch the video below about the challenge: